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NFT101 w/ Lucas Bean (pre-order)

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NFT101 w/ Lucas Bean (pre-order)

Lucas Bean
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  • You have no idea where to start with NFTs.
  • You have some idea about NFTs but you need to sound like a pro fast.
  • You need to get up to speed in the space fast for a job opportunity
  • You want to get into NFTs as a side hustle but don't know where to start.
  • First 10 orders gets a 1:1 - 15 minute video chat with me


NFT101 Course by Lucas Bean

You will walk away understanding NFTs and web3 or your money back.

I will teach you all you need to know to get started:

- What are NFTs
- A Brief History of NFTs
- How to get a digital wallet
- How to use a digital wallet safely
- The differences between a hardware wallet & hot wallets
- How to setup a hardware wallet
- NFT Secondary Markets
- Smart Contracts
--- The difference between 1155, 721, 721A
- Minting your first NFT walk through
- Selling your first NFT walk through
- Buying your first NFT off a secondary market
- Joining NFT Communities
- The different marketplaces
- access to NFT101 Community
- NFT101 security
-- How to stay safe
-- What NOT to do

--> Go from zero to NFT hero by the time you're done with this course. 


- LIFETIME ACCESS to all course sections of NFT101 course material.
- examples of every course section from real life examples.
- 2 hours of total video tutorials in multiple bite sized videos).
- Live shared video & audio Q&A w/ me Lucas Bean inside our private community platform. 
- Community access for 12 months.


Any updates I make to the course from user feedback for life.

I'd say my ability to communicate complex problems in a simple way is my UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

I'm about to pass on that unfair advantage to you in this course. 

So strap in and get ready to master NFT101 




Hi I'm Lucas Bean.
I've been heads down in the NFT & Web3 space since August of 2020 (2.5 years living, eating, breathing it the space).

  • I sold my first NFT Oct 2020.
  • I Helped 1:1 artists sell over 1,000 ETH worth of their art in 2021.
  • I also helped sell prolific memes such as the "Coffin Dance" for over $1 million dollars
  • I've helped artists sell over 20,000+ NFTs by teaching them to NOT try to sell their art but to sell using good story telling.
  • People like buying from other people and they love a great story to get behind.
  • I've done 5,500+ hours in twitter spaces talking about NFTs and the web3 space.

My NFT Story

My story begins August 2020 in the height of the pandemic. A friend reached out and said they were going to try their hand at NFTs and he needed my help with marketing them.

I DIDN'T BELIEVE NFTs would actually help people sell their art.

Not a chance.


Why I thought this way?
From the information I had; the barrier to entry was too steep for their fans on twitter & instagram to buy their super niche digital goods.

  • Even with hundreds of thousands of followers these creators COULD NOT sell their art in galleries for the prices they wanted.
  • These creators COULD NOT sell their art as prints to their followers on twitter and instagram channels for even $9 a print.
  • HOW were they going to sell their art as NFT when they couldn't sell it anywhere else and you now want $3,000+ for it?

The audience was very, very small and was a super tiny niche at the time that they wanted to sell their NFTs. This usually makes it ridiculously expensive and difficult to get your message out to this tiny of an audience.

On top of this challenge, these creators are asking their potential buyers on twitter and instagram to jump through a lot of hoops in order to own an NFT they created.

The NFT buyers would potentially have to:
1. learn about crypto currencies
2. Learn what an NFT is and why it has value
3. get a digital wallet & understand how to use it
4. add crypto to the wallet (through an exchange)
5. Add funds to an exchange to transfer crypto to their wallet
5. Learn how to buy and (mint) an NFT
6. How to search and find NFTs they liked
7. Learn security around wallets or you could lose everything with one click
(all your assets gone with one click of the mouse).

There is a lot to learn right?

This means they were not targeting 99.9% of their audience as a tiny minority of their following was involved in the NFT space (less than 0.5% of their followers).

So when I built out their marketing plan I didn't have high hopes.

I am an entrepreneur, business builder and analytics guy so for me this wasn't very risky. It was just the cost to mint the art as NFTs and of course my time to put the plan together. To me it just didn't make sense that people will buy an NFT of their art if they didn't buy it in the real world at a gallery or online through a regular online purchase.

The first creator sold-out their art for 30 ETH.
The second creator sold-out their art for 23 ETH.

I noticed from the analytics they were reaching a whole new growing audience for themselves by entering into the NFT space (they chased a trend).
A new growing community of Crypto Art Collectors, Creators & Builders.

The prices these collectors were willing to pay was astronomical to me. After those sales I created my own NFT as an experiment. I never would have guessed my NFT would sell but it did.

No I didn't make 20 ETH or 30 ETHon my first NFT sale. I made just $400 worth of ETH 6 minutes after I posted my NFT for-sale.

I was instantly hooked and decided I would focus on Web3, NFTs & the Metaverse for the next 3 months so I could really understand the market dynamics of what is happening and why.

Those 3 months turned into 2 years 100% focused on Web3, NFTs & the metaverse space. Since this decision I have never looked back.

I went heads down learning everything i could about NFTs & Web3 in October 2020. I studied the history of NFTs, their future utility, metaverse property, building virtual items for virtual worlds, all of the earning models for crypto games (P2e, B2e, ?2e etc.), passive / active staking and all of their future applications for blockchain technology.

I knew so much I felt like I should share some of the knowledge I was accumulating so that someone could learn from what I have already learned and maybe I could simplify their learning process.

I started writing about crypto currency, NFTs, Blockchain and the metaverse. A lot industry professionals liked and interacted with my content in a positive way which meant I was on the right track.

I became an expert in the space

In April 2021 I started giving live talks in audio spaces. I was the first person holding twitter audio spaces on a regular basis about NFTs, Web3 & Future tech. My audience grew from 50 listeners to 200+ listeners to 1,000+ listeners.

Even twitter vouched for my NFT expertise ↓ ↓

I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was considered one of the thought leaders in the space. My research and the thousands of hours of work I put in paid off!!

My background:
I started my career in the tech space as a Senior Product Manager & Data Scientist hyper focused on fintech strategy and analysis at a dotcom which sold later for $450 million.

I've been a tech executive at 3 tech company acquisitions one for $450 million and two others sold for $580 million each. I've raised $20+ million in Venture Capital, started and sold my own companies (failed at some too) and was head of global marketing for Atari, divisional head of Marketing for Sony Pictures & Director of marketing for a dotcom owned by Experian (you know, the credit reporting people).

Everything I know is from putting in the reps (putting in the time).

I've spent thousands of hours in audio spaces, researching, writing, minting NFTs, buying NFTs, selling NFTs, Buying digital metaverse space and building community in the NFT space.

In 2022 I spoke at:

Consensus 2022

NFT Austin


My entire career has been spent making companies successful on the internet.

During my career I spent over $200 million in ad dollars marketing across all platforms (twitter, instagram, FB, TikTok, email, SMS, mobile, PPC & Creating SEO Content etc).

My obsessing about things that interest me is my unfair advantage.

I'm about to pass on that unfair advantage to you through this course. 

So strap in and get ready to master NFT101 edition.


- 12 course sections which will bring you through how NFT101 course material.
- examples of every course section from real life examples.
- 2 hours of video tutorials.
- Live shared video & audio Q&A w/ me Lucas Bean inside our private community platform. 
- Community platform access for 12 months.
- All software you will use is free or comes pre-installed on your computer. 


LIFETIME access to this course and any updates I make to the course from user feedback.

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9 chapter lessons, 2 hours of videos classes, 3 excel examples and access to MINT, MARKET, SELL Community.